Little 007 Star (James Bond Theme) – Beatbox Flute Quartet & Piano – 小星星長笛四重奏 (PDF)


Little 007 Star (James Bond Theme) – Beatbox Flute Quartet & Piano – 小星星長笛四重奏(19.99USD)

Flute, Woodwind Quartet, Woodwind Choir or Ensemble, Beatbox flute 1, Beatbox flute 2, Beatbox flute 3, Beatbox flute 4, Piano – Easy/Beginner – Digital Download
Arranged by Yu-Tai Cheng. Score, Set of Parts. 14 pages. Published by Flute Gamer Studio (H0.1074457-SC000012421).

Item Number: H0.1074457-SC000012421

This arrangement’s idea comes from the “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” melody, this is the most attractive children’s song that still singing by many kids around the world, it’s a common song memory of human’s world. I included the theme song melody of “James Bond 007” to create an adventure spirit, accidentally the mixture of these two different kinds of music together creates an incredible effect of sound, it brings the energy into beatbox flute’s performance.

Flute choir includes:
Beatbox Flute 1, Beatbox Flute 2, Beatbox Flute 3, Beatbox Flute 4, Piano

I always suggest teachers to play the flute 4 part, it contains not only the most complexity and difficult part, but also the harmonious effect and BIGGER and DEEPER sound when kids’ ensemble playing.

If you have any question about the notation of beatbox. Don’t hesitate to contact me via:
E-mail: [email protected]
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