《Mission Incredible》for beatbox flute quartet


《Mission Incredible》for beatbox flute quartet (En)

– flute1 (piccolo)
– flute2
– alto flute
– bass flute

Mission Incredible for beatbox flute quartet
Composer / Cheng Yu-Tai

for flute quartet, composed by flutist Cheng Yu-Tai. This piece uses almost all the flute family such as: beatbox flute (piccolo), flute in C, alto flute and bass flute.

This is the best flute piece so far for developing the groove of the performers’ bodies and the understanding of the extended techniques such as: body percussion, aeolian sound, harmonic, singing and playing, and the most powerful and fascinating technique in the world – beatbox flute!

In this work, the performers use the most primitive technique for creations such as: imitation, respond & improvisation. All the flutists will widely spread out the main melody by singing and playing like the electric guitar player in a rock band! Then suddenly, we hear Satie’s <Gymnopédies No.1> comes into our world – quietly, without any hidden – lonely and lengthy in the middle of the sacre creative moments. After this incredible transformation, people again circle around, dancing, singing and playing, then elevated to a whole new level of world!

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